Natalie served as an associate youth pastor for four years where she developed a passion for helping the next generation identify their God-given voice, pioneer new paths, and step into their divine destiny. Currently, she and her husband co-lead PFYouthAlive: A mission’s organization that empowers young people to impact their world and respond to social injustice in the local schools. Natalie is a dynamic communicator who speaks with a God-given authority and calls everyone in the local church to a higher understanding of Kingdom mission. In addition to passionately ministering the Gospel, Natalie is pursuing her Masters of Divinity from SEU and is the author of WarCry. Natalie and Joe live in Lakeland, Florida with their two dogs Samson and Chase.

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Your generation is a target for silence.

But what if you discovered God had chosen YOU to run

counter to your culture and break through the

silence? Would you react or retreat?

This is an age where war is waging on every front. With global plots to destroy the homefront and spiritual schemes that distort truth, what will shatter the silence?


Or rather, who?


Now, more than ever, God is calling you to break free from the silent depiction of your generation and break out with a WarCry that rallies your generation to the cross.


Using her own dramatic life story, Natalie shows you that regardless of your age, background, or ability there is earth-shattering power in your authentic voice and, when saturated with God’s power, it becomes a mighty WarCry. Her passionate words will inspire you to realize that, just as a warrior would never enter battle without a WarCry, you also have a unique voice that is indispensable in fulfilling your divine mission.


With powerful insight from Scripture and transformational tools, WarCry will bring clarity to your purpose and empower you to:


• Uncover your God-given voice
• Unleash your unique WarCry
• Break through the silence of your generation


Whether you are already engaged in warfare or want to become better equipped to impact your world, it’s time to release a WarCry by the words that you speak and the life that you live.


God does not save you to keep you silent!